Haven Psych Academy is a collective of practitioners and experts in the fields of behavioral health, applied christian theology, organizational leadership, and relationship science. We offer both free and premium courses for those looking to grow into better habits, deeper spiritual disciplines, and healthier connection with others. We hope you will join us for a course.

Courses for Behaviors and Habits

Set patterns for a healthier life. Let our courses help you:

-Confront Anxiety & Perfectionism

-Conquer Procrastination and Improve Work & Study Skills

-Break free from Addiction, Compulsions, and other Bad Habits

-Reinforce commitment to exercise and healthy eating

....And More

Courses for Relationships

Better connections can start here. We have courses on:

-Managing Conflict

-Creating Safety for Kids & Family

-Deepening Romantic Connection

-Understanding Personality Types

....And More

Courses for Christian Development

Get equipped to go deeper in practical theology. See our courses on:

-Church Leadership

-Devotional Practice

-Intersection of Faith and Culture

-Scriptural Guidance

....And More