Nicotine has had a resurgence! Vaping is targeting youth, who quickly find themselves addicted and moving towards cigarettes and dip as they enter college. Along with the hipster vibe, adults find themselves picking back up packs of 27s and American Spirits. Whether you are the teen who has to quit or are starring down decades of being grounded, the parent who wants to model healthy habits, or the college student who is slipping into the scary territory of smoking while sober, QUITTING IS POSSIBLE.

Join Charlie as he distills all of his personal experience in quitting and his professional experience helping others quit. Charlie started dipping at age 18 and quickly escalated to a 2-pack a day habit during his wildest college days. At age 21, he quit cold turkey and has spent the past 7 years sharing his experience, strength, and hope to those wanting to quit.

As a psychotherapist, Charlie walks adult and adolescent clients through the process of breaking addictions. In this talk, he distills what can often take 6 therapy sessions to cover into easily digested and applied chunks. He regularly hears about past failed attempts to quit, which leave people hopeless and hesitant to try one more strategy. Thankfully, you can join Charlie RISK FREE. Through teachable, you can recieve a FULL REFUND within 30 days. If you spend those 30 days not spending on your nicotine habit, you would have saved enough to pay for this course twice!-over

Charlie approaches addiction with compassion and humor, realism and optimism, reaching both the individual and the concerned family. Join him for 5 Keys to Freedom from Nicotine, packed full of relatable stories, borrowed hope, and an executable plan!

Hi, I’m Charlie Mitchell LPC-MHSP-T, NCC

Charles "Charlie" Mitchell is a psychotherapist on staff with Haven Counseling Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. Charlie brings years of training and experience in mental health and addiction recovery, driven by his own experience finding recovery and renewed faith as a college student and his continued pursuit of growth in the emotional and spiritual places in his life. Beyond his work as a therapist with individuals and families, Charlie is a sought out lecturer on topics of addiction, emotional health, male identity, substance abuse culture in universities, leadership, and other topics. He speaks to leadership in universities, faith-based recovery programs, fraternities, collegiate organizations, as well as high schools and parent groups. For more on Charlie, visit him at

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