Mission and Values Statement

Courses and material presented in Haven Psych Academy are designed to benefit people who are looking to grow in, what can be broadly called, "social goals." In this, we mean that our courses are orientated for those who want to grow in healthy behaviors/habits, greater personal understanding, and in richer relationships with others. And along with this, we also have specific courses for those looking for a deeper understanding of, and connection with, God in the context of Christian development.

Those who teach with Haven Psych Academy share a commitment to the Christian faith in both personal and professional space. That being said, our teachers also bring great expertise and understanding from their professional work as psychotherapists, relationship and family counselors, organizational leaders, academics, consultants, and more. Many of our courses are created for applied learning in behavioral and social science concepts and are not religious in nature. We want our resources to be helpful for people regardless of their personal beliefs or perspectives.

And for courses that are focused on more spiritual and theological topics, we try to make clear the perspectives and credentials of the course teachers regarding their topics. We have teachers who are vocational clergy and those who are laypeople. Our teachers also come from a wide range of Christian denominations and backgrounds; from traditional evangelicals, to charismatics, to high church/liturgical traditions, with many teachers falling into multiple categories. Some of our Christian development courses cover the beliefs and practices of specific denominations and theological perspectives. Yet, in other spiritually focused courses, we mostly desire to share things that we believe Christians from a wide variety of denominations and backgrounds would find beneficial in deepening their walk in faith.

If you have questions about any particular course, you can contact the course's teacher through their bio information.